It’s my last day at The Stable! ‘Commiserbrations’ are in order for this evening – not to mention our in-house Secret Santa, and I just wanted to say goodbye to everyone here. So, GOODBYE EVERYONE!

I’ve been here since before Hub Weston CIC even owned this building, and for the 18 or so months since we opened The Stable Creative Hub in September 2017. It’s been awesome, with so much going on with the input, attendance and efforts of so many people. I won’t go on about all that here, but to read about some of that – and for some background as to why The Stable has been nominated in the Skills for Growth category at the Weston Chamber Business Awards 2019 – read this Blog post. Hoorah! 

Out with the old, in with the awesome new

So, I’m packing up my mug, emptying my locker and celebrating with the members today at our Christmas lunch. And then…the Hub’s new manager, Jemma, starts in January, joining our Hub Coordinator, Sam. I for one (and everyone else to whom I’ve waxed lyrical about her) is Very Excited about Jemma’s plans to take The Stable onwards and upwards as the facility doubles in size in 2019. I’ll be passing on the hot-potato embers of some projects that are just beginning to glow, to add to the pile of great ideas Jemma’s already amassing. This is thanks to her similar experience of building up hubs, developing and advising small businesses and whipping up events and excitement around great venues in the middle of great towns. Jemma, good luck, can’t wait to see The Stable and its outputs grow in the years to come.

Our first office tenant

2019 brings our first private office tenant, Jamie Tedder of IvoryRed Design, and his dog. That’s right, Coco the coworking canine (well, that’s not strictly true, Coco will be confined to the IvoryRed office as she’s too short to access the beeper to get into the coworking space so if you’re not a dog fan, fret not, she can be avoided. Sssh, don’t tell her I said that).

Jamie will join our chat bot, Artificial Intelligence and web dev experts, our photographer, designers, media creators and the rest of our coworking gang and we’re all super excited to welcome him and Coco in to the fold.

That’s it. Time's up. There are Christmas drinks to be drunk, teary-full-of-cheery hugs to give and then 2019 is a new year for us all. See you around I’m sure and if you or anyone you know ever need some freelance or short-term help with anything from marketing ideas, designed promotional materials, brochures or writing jobs (brochures, websites, anything really) then email The Stable’s general address and – I hope, anyway! – Sam will pass your details on to me or you can find and connect with me here on Linkedin

Thanks Sam for being an awesome Hub Coordinator, and here’s to you all. Happy Christmas, enjoy next year and come to The Stable.

Over and out,






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