Welcome back everyone and a Happy New Year…

We hope you had an amazing Christmas break and feel ready to face the world and make 2019 your big year.

2019 sees some amazing things happening, right here at The Stable. And, if you’re reading this, we’re hoping that you will be part of it in some way.

Firstly, we have to say a huge Thank you and send all our love and best wishes to Kerry O’Neill.

Kerry has been at the helm of The Stable, since 2017, and is now off to pastures new. We are sure all of you will join us in wishing her the very best of life and thanking her for her hard work and dedication to the project. Good luck Kerry!

Next up...

I need to introduce myself!

I am the new, shiny, over excited General Manger, who cannot wait to meet you all and start the next chapter of my career at The Stable.

I have an eclectic background, across diverse business sectors, which means I have loads of transferrable skills and normally know someone who knows someone.

Over the past few years, I have worked as a project officer for The Red Brick Building in Glastonbury and as a funding and management consultant for voluntary, community and social enterprise.

I’ve helped to mentor, start up and expand, everything from arts centres to steam trains, football clubs to artisans, and created projects and industry placements for college students across the region, with a specific focus on Creative Media Production.

During this time, it has been noted, that when I am particularly under pressure, I sing the Hawaii 5 0 theme tune!  No idea why, and I’m obviously far too young to remember it, but somehow its creeps in to my head. You’ve been warned! ;O)

I am really excited to be part of The Stable and I really hope that I will be able to use my background to help and support all of you to do great things.

But enough about me, what else do we know about 2019?

We’re not sure if anyone has noticed,… but we are growing! We are going to move from 300m2 to 700m2. Can’t visualise it? Don’t worry. All you need to know is that, we are going to be getting bigger, and better, and that we want to take you with us.

You will also notice some great new partnerships and collaborations throughout 2019, making us not only a happy vibrant place to work, but offering a wealth of resources and opportunities for you and your business.

With all this new space, we are bound to welcome some new people to the fold, and as we are nothing without you, we also want to hear your thoughts. What do you need and want in 2019? Do you have ideas that could help us both to grow?

Personally, I think Gin and Toinc Tuesdays sounds great as a weekly networker!

Until next time

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