Freelance Friday

Interested in coming to hot-desk at The Stable? We're always open for your free trial and we also run this Freelance Friday afternoon so that you can come in to try out what it's like here, for free, in the company of other people doing the same thing. Timings for this are 1pm to 5pm. 

Nothing to lose: free coffee, good people, high-speed wifi and a great place to work in to gain! As numbers grow we might even get a regular after-work drinks thing going...

If you have any questions about coming in or what we have here, call us on 01934 315 305 or pop in at any time, and the website of course has loads of images and info on it. Freelance Friday hot-deskers can come in a handful of times before having to make a decision about whether or not to join The Stable as a member (or perhaps as a renter of a small office). 

See you Friday!